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     In this adventure-exploration journey of self-discovery, a robot wakes up in a forest and must follow the clues to discover how he got there.

    This game was primarily developed in 7 days and submitted in EpicMegaGameJam 2018. Over this short course of development we grew much fond of our project. As a result we planned to continue developing this game furthermore to release as a full title.

We will share frequent updates on the progress. 

   Download  & check out the game during development to see the potential it has. Please share your thoughts in the comment section or even PM the development teams to let us know how you liked/hated or simply just to say hi.

Any kind of support is greatly appreciated.

Install instructions

  • Download the updated file
  • Unzip
  • Play 


A Robot's Journey v1.1 (Updated).zip 410 MB
TeamRobot_ARobotsJourney v1.0.zip 385 MB

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